When Is It Too Hot To Play Golf!?? (10 Ways To Survive The Heat)

Golf is one of the games which is best played in warm weather.

Players invest a lot of resources in playing golf, such as time, money, and work.

However, weather can become a significant impediment to the enjoyment of the game.

Nothing is refreshing like playing golf in a conducive environment because it is a less intense exercise.

(Short Answer) When Is It Too Hot To Play Golf?

Many golfers have developed a strategy to beat extreme heat. Therefore there is no conclusive answer to when it is too hot to play golf. Temperature becomes a subjective test to establish when it is too hot to play. People adapt differently to hot temperatures, with some even becoming affected by slightly high temperatures. However, it is advisable not to play golf in temperatures above one hundred and five degrees Celsius without a proper strategy to keep your body temperature regulated.

Even When It’s Too Hot, People Play Golf….

Golfers who love and understand the game devise a strategy of coping during seasons of high temperatures.

For instance, they will sacrifice in the morning to go to the golf course and play the rounds before the day heats up.

These golfers will be playing the final game before noon.

Therefore they have to bear with the dew and waking up early to play golf.

According to these golfers, time becomes of the essence during hot summers.

Besides, the investment golfers make in buying the attires and equipment to play the game makes them utilize every opportunity to play.

Ten Step Hot Temperature Golf Playing Strategy

1. Investing In The Heat

The golfers who have invested their time and resources in golf will rarely use temperature as a reason not to play when it is scorching.

They will continue to invest in products and strategies that will help them minimize the effect of the heat.

For instance, they will buy sunscreens and get a cart to drive around the course instead of walking.

They will also ensure they have an early run at the golf course, which requires them to reorganize their work schedules.

The sunscreen protects their skin from sunburns and tanning because of the extreme heat.

2. How You Dress Matters

When it is hot, it can become unbearable because of the clothes one wears.

Golfers who do not let heat quench their passion for the course alter their dress codes during hot seasons.

They will have a cap to protect the face and keep the head cool as they play in the high temperatures.

They will also prefer dressing in baggy t-shirts and trousers to allow proper circulation of air.

Besides, investing in clothes that have sweat-wicking fabrics prevents sogginess by keeping sweat from the skin.

Thus the golfer will remain fresh and dry during the course.

3. Drinking Plenty Of Water

Water is essential for the proper functioning of the body regardless of the extremity of the weather conditions.

When it is too hot, the level of sweating increases, and this can lead to dehydration.

Drinking water helps replenish the body fluids lost during sweating.

It is advisable for a golfer who wishes to play in high temperatures to drink water before, during, and after the game.

4. Water Drinking Plan

If the golfer wants to play at around nine o’clock, they should start drinking water around seven o’clock.

The golfer should take a minimum of half a liter before the game.

Then just before starting the game, they should consume another half a liter.

During the match, the golfer should continue drinking about one fifty milliliters of water every ten minutes; this will cumulate to one liter per hour.

After the game, the golfer should then consume half a liter of water.

It is also advisable for the golfer to minimize cold water intake because the body absorbs cool water better than cold water.

5. Balancing Water And Energy Drink

The energy drinks help replace the minerals lost from the body through sweat.

If a golfer wants to survive playing in sweltering temperatures, they should not consume energy drinks only during the game.

They should consume more water than energy drinks to keep hydrated and also replenish the energy drinks lost.

Besides, the energy drinks also furnish the body with sugars, which will enable the golfer to remain energetic throughout the game.

6. Eat To Keep The Energy Levels.

The golfers should keep up the energy levels even on the golf course by carrying something they can nibble as they play.

Hot temperatures can affect the golfer’s appetite, which can cause a risk to their health.

A healthy diet before the game can help keep up the energy levels.

Most golfers eat something before every tee shot to maintain high energy levels.

7. Something Cool

A frogger towel comes in handy when a golfer plays in hot temperatures.

The golfer places the towel in a fridge and puts it around the neck when it is cold to keep the neck relaxed.

Besides, the towel enhances the grip because the golfer can also dry the hands-off sweat.

The golfer can use the cold towel to regulate the temperature in the belly so that they remain comfortable in each round.

Dripping some cold water on the neck also refreshes the golfer and enables them to keep on playing for subsequent rounds.

The cooling gels also help keep the person cool as they play in the hot temperatures.

Moreover, the golfer can invest in some of the gels in the market depending on their preferences.

The golfer can apply the gel to the body, like behind the ears, neck, legs, around the elbows.

When used, the gel produces a cooling and refreshing feeling that keeps the golfer going.

8. Keeping Your Emotions In Check

Temper and anger can take a toll on a golfer in the system amid the high temperatures.

Managing anger and negative emotions can prevent the golfer from feeling overworked when playing on the golf course.

Heightened emotions can also drain the golfer’s energy, which is already strained by the high temperatures.

9. Keep A Steady Pace

To maintain high energy levels throughout the game and avoid heat-related fatigue, a golfer should keep a steady pace during the rounds.

The golfers should not start fast and end up tired and slow in the course of the game.

The speed assumed at the beginning should be maintained throughout the game.

10. Stay In The Shade, Whenever Possible

If the golfer is playing with many players in the same course, they should stay in the shade when it is not their turn. Standing in the sun for a long time can drain a person.

Standing under a shade allows the golfer to experience low levels of temperature.

When it is time for the golfer to continue to the next hole, they will have conserved some energy.

Three Factors That May Deter A Golfer From Playing In Scorching Temperatures

1. The ability of the body to handle high temperatures

Some players cannot withstand high temperatures.

Therefore they should stay off the golf course when it is too hot.

Golfers should understand the range of temperatures they can withstand before deciding to play in very high temperatures.

2. Medical conditions

Certain medical conditions deter a person from playing in very extreme hot temperatures.

For instance, if the person has experienced heat exhaustion and heat cramps or stroke, they cannot play at highly high temperatures.

3. Lack of understanding on the times

Not understanding the time can make a golfer not play when it is too hot.

For instance, if the golfer plays at the time of the day when the temperatures are highest, they will get a rough experience with the temperatures.

Instead, the person should ensure that they play in the morning when it is still relaxed and manageable.

Six Things To Avoid When Playing Golf In Scorching Temperatures

  1. Carbonated drinks because they sugars which do not help the body during exercises
  2. Salt tablets because they deprive the body of much-needed water by speeding up dehydration.
  3. Direct heat: the golfer should have a hat or cap on during the game, in addition to sunglasses and sunscreen.
  4. Tight clothes because they will not allow for air circulation.
  5. Drinking water only when thirsty because thirst is an indication that the body is already dehydrated.
  6. Playing even when the body gives warnings.


There is no time that is too hot to play golf because people withstand extreme temperatures differently.

It is all about the golfer understanding their tenacity and body.

However, in extreme temperatures, the golfer should take more precautions to avoid suffering from the heat, such as wearing a hat, sunscreen, losing clothes, clothes that wick sweat, and keeping hydrated.


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