Can You Be Too Short or Too Tall to Ride a Motorcycle?

Not every motorcycle will feel right.

Some may feel too high, others too low.

Some motorcycles may be too wide, making it hard for you to reach the ground well.

Therefore, you might be wondering whether a person can be too short or tall for a motorcycle.

So, Can You Be Too Short or Too Tall to Ride a Motorcycle?

No, a person cannot be too short or tall to ride a motorcycle. You need to figure out if you will be comfortable and safe as you mount, dismount, or ride a bike. No matter your height, you should be able to get a motorcycle that tickles your fancy. The market has plenty of logical choices while others are not too logical. 

Most bikes have taller seats than a rider’s inseam, particularly off-road bikes.

Since the seats are adjustable, it’s very easy for a short or tall rider to ride as long as you can balance yourself together with the bike’s weight on one foot.

Various bikes fit specific people in unique ways.

It’s important to consider your general strength along with the internal leg measurements.

A short man will have better convenience than a short woman.

Men are typically stronger, but a rider can make up for what they don’t have in height through proper planning, skill, and more practice.

Proper practice will make you more comfortable riding a bike that may have otherwise not been a good option without support.

How Tall Should You Be to Ride a Motorcycle?

There isn’t a specific height needed to ride a motorcycle.

However, you should easily be able to use your toes and your feet balls on both feet at the same time at a stand-still.

Before riding another person’s motorcycle or before purchasing a motorcycle, there are a few things to consider.

Understanding these factors will keep you from ruining other people’s rides or yours.

What’s The Best Size of a Motorcycle to Get?

When you hear of the motorcycle size, it generally refers to the engine size.

A motorcycle’s engine is measured in cubic centimeters (CC).

This measures the engine cylinders’ volume of the motorcycle. A motorcycle with a larger volume will have more CC, and it will also have more power and speed capabilities.

As a beginner, you should consider the motorcycle CC before buying one.

A beginner shouldn’t get more than a 750CC bike.

The best range for the motorcycle is 250CC-500CC for a beginner.

A bike with a high CC can be dangerous for beginners due to the amount of power it contains.

Three Short Motorcycle Rider Considerations

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast but find it challenging to choose the perfect frame because of your height, you should consider the following factors.

1. Ride A Motorcycle To Your Liking

When selecting a bike, you may have thousands of questions before making the final purchasing decision.

The bike may look great, or your friends may recommend a particular type.

However, despite the kind of motorcycle you purchase, you should ensure that you love it and are happy when riding it. If you don’t love your bike, you will not enjoy the rides.

2. Buy A Tall And Light Motorcycle

If this is your first time owning a motorcycle, you should start with a tall and light option.

Start by training yourself to land or halt on your left foot at first.

It is dangerous to get used to flat footing as it will make it difficult for you to practice touching the feet balls only to touch the ground later.

You will be forced to rely on your feet more than enough instead of relying on your skills.

If your two flat feet do not improve your stability, you must make up with your riding skills.

3. Practice How To Brake

Braking is important when riding a motorcycle.

If you are good at braking, you will find it easy for you to handle the 450 lbs you will be riding.

The best way to brake is to put down the left foot first, then place your right foot on the rear brake to stop the bike.

Doing this will make it easy for you to brake as most motorcycles have incredible stopping power at the front.

You can smoothen or add finesse to your braking by adding a little rear brake to maintain your stability.

Single Tall Motorcycle Rider Consideration

Tall riders also find it hard to find a motorcycle that suits their needs.

Feeling too tall and cramped on one specific bike can make you uncomfortable or put you in danger.

A tall rider should have a roomier machine.

1. Check The Seat Height

The best indicator for a motorcycle’s suitability for tall people is seat height.

A motorcycle with a high saddle will give you extra room for the legs as well as roomier proportions suiting tall riders.

However, this is not always the case. Some bikes, like the Harleys, have low and cruiser style saddles but will have an extended highway peg.

The motorcycle gives sufficient room for a tall rider along with the tall ape hanger bar. A tall rider is encouraged to buy an adventure bike as they are comfortable enough.

Although it is important to consider the seat height, the distance between your seat and foot pegs also plays a huge role in the bike’s overall comfort.

Best Motorcycles for Short Riders

As a short rider, your motorcycle’s height is not the only problem you should be looking at.

The seat’s width and how it angles the legs should be a significant contributing factor when buying a motorcycle.

You will need a shorter bike and one that is thin and can carry a low and centralized weight.

Some of the best motorcycles for short riders include:

  • Honda CB 300
  • Ducati Scrambler
  • Honda Rebel 500
  • BMW G650GS
  • Suzuki SV 650
  • Zero XU
  • Harley Davidson SuperLow

These motorcycles are ideal because they have a seat height of around 30 inches or below, making mounting and balance quite easy.

A seat should not stop you from pursuing your hobby.

Best Motorcycles for Tall Riders

Motorcycles aren’t just for average-sized people.

It isn’t easy to find accommodations for riders with long legs, and the last thing you would want is feeling scrunched on a bike while driving fast down a highway.

Some motorcycle suggestions for tall riders include:

  • Honda Africa Twin
  • BMW R1200GS
  • Harley-Davidson Breakout
  • Kawasaki Versys 650
  • Yamaha FJ-09
  • Suzuki SV650
  • Honda NC700X.
  • Yamaha XSR 900

These motorcycles are great for riders measuring six feet or more.

When choosing a motorcycle, you should consider the distance between your seat and the foot pegs as a tall rider.

You should also check the reach and height of your handlebars.


You can’t be too short or too tall to ride a motorcycle.

However, some bikes are more suitable for shorter people and others for taller people.

Purchase a motorcycle that fits your needs.

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