Is It Weird To Wear Two Golf Gloves? (Three Benefits)

You might have noticed on television that golfers often wear one glove on the top non-dominant hand.

Most golfers do this to enhance their grip on the club and reduce the possibility of developing blisters.

However, you might be wondering whether it is weird to wear two gloves while golfing. Tag along to learn more!

Hence, Is It Weird To Wear Two Golf Gloves?

There is nothing weird about wearing two golf gloves or any rules preventing a golfer from wearing two gloves. Many players will wear a glove on only one hand, but some prefer wearing gloves on both hands. In fact, some golf pros prefer wearing two gloves.

One of the most popular pro golfers is Tommy Gainey, nicknamed ‘Two Gloves.’ He won more than $6 million on the PGA Tour playing with two gloves and never took them off.

The nickname shows how rare golfers wear two golf gloves, but it does not mean it is uncommon or weird.

Wearing two gloves will offer you improved control over the clubhead rotation once you get used to them, which will even lead to more steady shots.

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That said, it is common to see golfers wearing two gloves in the rain. You can purchase wet weather gloves that have specifically been designed to offer grip when it rains.

It is hence recommendable to always carry a pair of wet gloves or several replacement gloves.

When it starts to rain, a pair of wet weather golf gloves might help to give you the extra grip and the necessary edge over your golfing partners.

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Two Golf Gloves?

1. Prevents Blistering

Do you suffer from grip issues such as blisters and calluses on both hands?

Wearing gloves on both hands could help you avoid these issues.

Even though it can feel weird to start wearing two gloves when you were previously wearing one golf glove, it is more necessary to play golf without pain in your hands.

Therefore, if your hands are in pain going into golfing, you may be best off wearing two gloves but ensure to practice in it, so it does not feel strange when you grip the club.

2. Sweaty Hands

Having sweaty hands can make your grips get wet, and your hands slide when striking the golf ball.

This will lead to a worsening in your performance.

Wearing gloves on both hands will ensure a steady and secure grip every time you strike and address the ball.

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3. Rainy And Wet Weather Conditions

Various golfers carry an extra glove around in case it rains, and the grips get wet.

When it is rainy or cold, it is only best to wear two golf gloves. The last thing you wish is your golf club slipping out of your hand on a follow-through when it is rainy.

Similarly, with sweaty hands, a wet grip will result in your hands sliding along it and upsetting your performance, and wearing two golf gloves comes in handy.

More so, when it is cold, wearing two gloves to heat your hands can be beneficial in maintaining the feel of your golf swing.

This, plus consistent clubhead control and grip pressure, will result in improved shots and lower scores.

Why Do Most Golfers Wear One Golf Glove?

1. Laziness

One of the reasons most golfers normally prefer wearing one golf is that putting on two golf gloves for each shoot is time-consuming.

These gloves should be very tight, so the process of wearing them and taking them off can be annoying as well as distracting you from your game.

Other golfers also want to maintain a free hand to easily take out their devices, phones, tees, and balls without having to mess around using a gloved hand.

Removing and placing a tee in the ground can even be more difficult with gloves on two hands which is one of the major reasons golfers will only prefer to wear one glove.

2. Can Interfere With Your Grip

Most beginners start by holding the club with ten fingers.

However, as you progress, you will begin experimenting with other grips, such as interlocking or overlapping golf grips, to try and perform your best.

However, wearing two gloves might make it slightly difficult to keep your fingers in position on an interlocking or overlap grip.

3. Lessens The Feel Of The Golf Club

The club connection and feel are essential in your performance.

The dominant right hand is used to guide the clubhead at the right angle to the ball.

With this, most golfers claim that having the bare hand is essential in giving them the right connection and good feel with the club.

Wearing gloves on two hands might reduce the feeling you get on the club and add strokes to your overall round.

However, this does not apply to all players and is a matter of personal preference.

Five Tips for Getting the Perfect Golf Gloves

Now that you know it is not weird to show up on the golf course with two gloves, here are some tips to help you find the best golf gloves.

1. Choose The Number Of Gloves You Want To Wear

Most players like playing with one glove, and they are available for purchasing individually.

The golfers normally wear them on the top, non-dominant hand, so if you are left-handed, you will require a right-handed glove and vice-versa.

If you want to wear two gloves, make sure that you buy gloves for both hands.

2. Try The Gloves Before Completing The Purchase

Today, with most shopping done online, we rarely get to try things until after parting with the cash.

Your golf gloves will have a significant impact on your entire game, so it is essential to try them for size and try a few swings to feel their grip.

Also, keep in mind that leather gloves stretch over time, so you should purchase a relatively tight option.

3. Look For A Weatherproof Option

Suitable weather is not guaranteed when playing golf, so be prepared for any eventuality.

This can provide you an edge over your competitors.

Look out for weatherproof gloves with water-resistant elements and special fabrics that help maintain a good grip even during wet conditions.

For a colder climate, you can consider finding fleece-lined and windproof gloves to keep you warm.

4. Consider Personalization Options

For a truly great pair of gloves, you should find ways to personalize their appearance.

These personalization options will help you customize your new gloves to your personal preference, whether it is by selecting custom colors or stitching your unique initials onto the glove fastenings.

5. Purchase Gloves That You Can Maintain

Proper maintenance is essential in ensuring you get the most out of your gloves.

For leather gloves, you will require to clean them using a damp cloth and soap while avoiding submerging the entire material into the water.

If you prefer using a machine cleaner rather than scrubbing the dirt yourself, synthetic glove materials are the perfect option for you.

Wrapping Up

In the end, it is up to you to decide on the best option for you.

Wearing one glove is the most common for most golfers.

You can however wear two gloves if you find them helpful and effective for you.

In fact, wearing two gloves could be significantly useful. It’s now time to go to the golf course and try it out!


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