Is It Dumb To Have Two Laptops? (Five Benefits)

Many people nowadays own more than one laptop.

Whether you are a student, business person, or an employee, owning multiple laptops can be of great benefit, particularly if you regularly multitask and run several programs simultaneously.

In This Regard, Is It Dumb To Have Two Laptops?

NO. While owning more than one laptop may sound dumb for many, having two laptops makes perfect sense as long as you use both devices productively. Most people who own two laptops usually reserve one for personal use and the other for school, work, leisure (gaming), or anything in between. All in all, whatever your reason for having two laptops, owning multiple laptops is never a sign that you are dull-witted.

If you are on the fence trying to decide whether you should buy two laptops or wonder why any adult should have two laptops, this article is for you.

Read on to know why owning two laptops (or more) might be good for you. You will also find other details related to the subject.

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Why Should You Have Two Laptops? Does It Make Sense?

Not everyone needs to have two laptops (or computers for that matter), and, actually, some people get along happily without even one.

All in all, there are a handful of reasons and situations when having two laptops makes perfect sense.

Here are some of the cases when owning two or more laptops would make a lot of sense.

1. Working

For most people, the main reason for having two laptops is because they make it easier to separate personal stuff from work-related information by keeping them on separate devices.

Indeed, many jobs that require you to use a computer will give you a laptop that you should use exclusively to compute things for your company.

In this case, you will most certainly need another laptop to keep your stuff.

This is truer, considering that keeping work information on a personal laptop, in most cases, violates employment terms, which can attract less than pleasant consequences.

2. Schooling

Depending on where you attend school or college, you may also receive a laptop under similar arrangements.

Considering that devices issued at school are usually monitored by the institution, especially when logged into their network, it is vital that you get another laptop where you can do your stuff privately and keep personal information.

After all, whatever you do at home is not part of your schoolwork.

Even if you have nothing to hide, you don’t want to be always freaked out when using “your” office or school laptop.

Another scenario when having two laptops as a student would be a great benefit is when taking exams.

Because the lockdown browser locks down one of your laptops, you can use the other to google the answers.

3. Programming And Web Development

Apart from students and workers, avid programmers and web developers also need at least two laptops to test websites, particularly the frontend functionality and display.

If you are a programmer, you may actually need a third laptop (computer) to run mail, calendars, and browse so that the other two are solely for programming and testing.

4. Gaming Scenarios

If you are a gamer, it is also sensible to have two laptops.

Considering that gaming laptops are relatively heavier, you would still have a slim, lightweight machine with a good battery life that you can take with you whenever you are traveling.

You can use this other laptop to do other things like browsing, writing, or any imaginable thing you can do with a laptop.

One great thing about owning two computers is that you can optimize both to perform different tasks, enhancing productivity.

For instance, if you have a dedicated work computer and personal computer, you will find it easier to concentrate on your work without feeling the need to perform non-work-related tasks on your office computer.

When on your personal laptop, you will also have ample freedom to have fun and enjoy your moments fully.

Five Benefits Of Having Two (Or More) Computers

In the light of the recent pandemic, most office-based workers have transitioned to remote working, and students are studying online.

These changes call for the right set up to ensure that you stay focused and productive in whatever you do. That’s why you may need multiple computers.

Whether you are working remotely, studying online, or running a business, here are the reasons why you should consider getting a second laptop.

1. Two Laptops Can Boost Productivity

The primary benefit of owning two laptops (computers) is increased productivity.

Regardless of what you do with your laptops, you can optimize one for “heavy” tasks and reserve the other for simple yet essential things.

For instance, if you work remotely, you can use one of your laptops to complete office-related tasks and use the other for communication.

That way, you will easily focus on your job only to break this concentration when you receive mail on the other machine. The same principle holds for students and gamers.

2. Reduce Downtime

Honestly, no one wants to get stuck when working on something serious.

If you have multiple laptops and one inadvertently breaks or is stolen, you can switch to the other and continue working or doing your stuff as you wait to repair or replace the first one.

That way, you can reduce downtime to almost zero.

3. Having Two Laptops Can Help You Maintain Focus

Many people think that having two laptops running simultaneously in front of them would hamper their concentration.

This is not the case.

With two laptops, it means that you are not switching between apps or tabs, meaning you will save time and even focus more than you would with one laptop.

Your second laptop would become handy when taking tests using a lockdown browser.

4. You Can Use One Laptop For Backup And Administration Purposes

Regardless of what you do whenever you sit in front of a computer, the last thing you want is to lose all your stuff and information because your machine has (sorry) crashed.

You can prevent this by having two laptops and using one of the two to keep your always-on machine.

In addition, if you use the two machines differently, you can utilize cloud storage options, like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive, to ensure your data is automatically synchronized on both devices.

5. Separate Personal Stuff From Other Things

Whether you are a CEO, employee, business person, or a student, there comes a time when you want to break from your routine.

After all, you deserve to have fun and do what you like most, including watching explicit content.

That said, having a second laptop where you can do everything you feel like it should be private will be a great benefit.

That way, you will enjoy your moments without having to worry or mixing what is personal with other kinds of stuff.


Many people these days have multiple laptops or computers plus a phone and tablet.

While this may sound crazy and outlandish, it is not unintelligent.

After all, no one of sound mind would spend double or more than double to buy two laptops when they cannot use them.

Let alone two, you can have as many laptops as you want, and it is not dumb as long as you use them optimally.

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