Is It Better to Take a Vacation Abroad or in Your Own Country?

Tourism is  ever-growing.

But with this growth, people are starting to wonder whether it’s better to travel abroad or in their country.

Well, both options have pros and cons……

So, Is It Better to Take a Vacation Abroad or in Your Own Country?

Experts argue that traveling abroad damages the environment because airplanes cause much pollution. Plus, going abroad means spending more money than in your homeland. But, while it is true that traveling in your country is cheaper, it is still harmful to the environment. Remember that you’ll still need to use transport.

So, we think it is nice to travel abroad from time to time. However, you should visit your country too to appreciate the good and exciting things in your country.

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Five Reasons to Take a Holiday in Your Country

When we think of going on a vacation, we often think about getting out of the country and exploring a new destination.

But as it turns out, you don’t have to go outside your country to explore a new place.

There are many new destinations in your country that you can visit and enjoy your holiday without breaking the bank.

Here are some reasons you should consider holidaying in your country.

1. You Can Work with a Schedule

When traveling abroad, you have to think about the travel time, which includes the time you spend on security checkups at the airport.

Now, while this screening is great for protecting travelers, it can eat a lot of your time.

If you only have the weekend to travel, you can waste much of your precious time.

In that case, it is better to travel within your country to reduce the time it takes to travel.

You can think of visiting new cities and towns to see what’s available.

2. You’ll Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Travel puts a strain on the environment.

However, traveling locally can reduce your carbon impact as you won’t need to board a plane.

But this depends on the size of your country and how far you want to travel.

If you travel by train to your destination, your journey will have less impact on the environment.

Again, you will enjoy the trip as you get to admire the scenery instead of looking at the clouds from the window.

3. It’s Affordable

Airfare is expensive, and many places tend to charge foreigners high prices for accommodation and other activities.

Holidaying in your country can be cheaper.

Even if you stay in a place that isn’t affordable, you will save more traveling within your country than taking a trip abroad.

Since you are a citizen of the country, you will not have to worry about the expensive tourist charges that foreigners pay.

So, you’ll spend less on admission and other expenses.

Plus, you most likely know the places to buy cheap food and other items, and you can also take advantage of your transport pass where applicable if you have one.

4. A Chance to Visit Your Friends and Family

If your friends and family live within the country, you can spend time with them during the long weekends or your mid-break.

This might be cost-saving since you’ll stay in their house if they have space.

But, even if they can’t accommodate you, it is still a great chance to catch up with your loved ones and have some fun.

5. It’s Easier to Get Around

If you have a car and don’t mind driving long distances, you only need to fuel it and drive to your destination.

This way, you will save the money and inconvenience of hiring a car or figuring out how local public transport works.

But even if you decide not to drive, you can easily travel by plane as you understand how the system in your country works.

Additionally, you can use the taxi apps on your phone too. Since you know how things work in your country, you can quickly get around.

Why You May Not Want to Take a Vacation in Your Country

Although traveling in your own country has many benefits, it is not perfect.

It presents some challenges that you should consider before making this decision.

For instance, you won’t have many places to visit.

If you frequently travel within your country, at one point, you are bound to feel you have gone to almost all exciting places.

Therefore, you won’t be as excited about planning for a trip within your location.

Additionally, it doesn’t allow you to experience new things.

For example, we know that hot deserts are found in Africa.

But if you live in Canada and decide to take a vacation in Canada, that means you won’t experience the hot temperatures and sounds in Africa unless you travel there.

Again, you won’t enjoy new foods.

Remember that going abroad offers a chance to eat and drink new things while experiencing new places.

Many places have restaurants that sell foreign cuisines. But, they don’t taste as original as eating food from that country of origin.

Three Pros of Traveling Abroad

Going on a vacation in another country has many rewards.

However, it also has some challenges you will not encounter when holidaying in your country. Here are some benefits of traveling abroad.

1. History and World Cultures

We read histories of various places. But, nothing can beat the experience you get standing where it all happened.

For instance, you can walk along China’s Great Wall or around St. Petersburg’s Winter Place. Visiting where history happened gives you a fantastic thrill.

Also, you get to enjoy the cultures of other places.

This is a chance to enjoy local foods, play traditional sports and even learn several words of the main language spoken.

You can even travel like a local and rent an apartment, buy groceries, walk around the neighborhood and experience festivals.

By the time you are back home, you will feel great to have learned the history and culture of your chosen destination.

2. A Learning Experience

The brain doesn’t stop making new cells even as we grow older. However, you need to exercise it for this to happen.

Traveling is an opportunity to learn new things while enjoying new experiences.

This can help keep your brain and the rest of your body healthy.

Additionally, going abroad offers a sense of accomplishment.

It can be challenging visiting a place you aren’t familiar with the language, food and customs.

However, you will feel great when you finally unscramble the menu, board the correct bus, or speak a word in the local language.

3. Food Adventures and Dream Destination

Some people simply travel to a new place for food. Going abroad allows you to taste different dishes you have seen in movies or heard from someone.

If you are into culinary adventures, you can combine your vacation with wine tasting or cooking lessons.

Additionally, it is a chance to visit a place you’ve always desired to go. For instance, if your grandfather always spoke about Lake Como, you can take this chance to visit it.

Three Cons of Traveling Abroad

1. Language

Traveling abroad is fun, but it won’t be that smooth.

Some challenges associated with going to a new place include language difficulties.

It can be hard to communicate with local people if you don’t understand their language. However, you can sort this out by traveling with a tour group.

2, Expensive

Again, traveling to another country is generally expensive.

You will have to pay for air travel, accommodation and other expenses, which are mostly more for foreigners.

But a travel agent with access to discounts and promotions can help you save money.

3. Passport

Additionally, you may encounter passport problems if you don’t have one. And it also comes with dietary restrictions.

Final Thoughts

Traveling abroad or at home has pros and cons.

For this reason, it’s advisable to weigh the benefits and drawbacks and decide what works for you.

But generally, it is advisable you travel abroad from time to time and also in your own country.