The Traveling Introvert: Is It Weird to Want to Go on Vacation Alone? (SIX REASONS)

Many people wonder if it is weird going on vacation alone.

That is because we’re used to traveling with family and friends.

So, while many would love to try solo travel, they fear how other people perceive them.

So, Is It Weird to Want to Go on Vacation Alone?

No. It is not weird to go on vacation alone. However, it might feel strange at first. Everything feels weird before we give it a try. But after a few attempts, you will be confident, and it will become one of your favorite hobbies.

Six Reasons To Be A Solo Traveler

1. You Can Change Plans Easily

When you travel with a group of people, changing plans might not be that easy.

You have to factor in financial concerns and interpersonal preferences before deciding.

But when traveling solo, it’s easy  TO JUST DO IT.

This applies to big and small decisions like

  • choosing where to sleep
  • whether to hire a car
  • the destinations to visit
  • etc.

2. You Grow More Confident in Yourself

Learning your interests is never that easy, and most times, we need someone to help us do that.

Solo travel gives you time to focus on yourself and the new environment.

As a result, you learn about yourself and who you are.

Please note that this is crucial since you can’t depend on people to be everything to you.

3. You Get to Make New Friendships

Solo travel doesn’t mean that you are always on your own on your journey.

Sure, you book the accommodation, tickets and other things for one.

Solo travel can make your adventures exciting and allow you to build memorable experiences with strangers that you’ll never forget.

Thanks to technological advancements, individuals can make new connections with people of the same interest through apps.

Also, solo travel gets you into a social setting that you can use to learn more about other people and their cultures.

4. It Opens Up More Traveling Possibilities

Since you have the freedom to decide if and where to travel, you can explore different places easily.

You don’t have anyone limiting you to a schedule you planned.

Therefore, you can wake up and visit a place that wasn’t even on your mind while going to sleep.

Many of us avoid going to a place because we don’t find someone willing to take us.

But solo travel allows you to go anywhere you like with no limitations.

5. You Will Feel Independent and Empowered

Going on a solo vacation can be an empowering trip.

You will come back feeling refreshed and have a new perspective on life.

Traveling solo gives you more independence while allowing you to create your schedule on what and when you want to do it.

Travelers who’ve gone on vacation solo report instances of insane experiences.

Imagine waking up in a strange town alone without no one knowing you and thinking of all the unscripted destinations you can explore.

6. Allows You to Find Your Rhythm

The best thing about holidaying on your own is freedom.

The schedule is yours, and you can change it whenever you like.

We carry the heavy burden of accommodating other people’s wants and needs every day.

And if we do this on vacation, it can take away the time we spend on leisure.

While traveling in a group is fun, it forces you to adapt to the group’s preferences.

Solo travels allow you to follow your rhythm, which might be impossible in daily life.

How Can You Overcome the Fear of Holidaying Alone?

Many people will often not support your decision to travel solo.

You will get questions like:

  • Don’t you feel weird?
  • Won’t you feel lonely?
  • Aren’t you afraid?

Although some of these questions are genuine concerns, they can make you fearful and change your decision.

However, you don’t have to feel weird, afraid, or lonely. Let us discuss how to address these questions.

What Will You Do Alone?

When planning a solo trip, people often ask, “what will you do by yourself?”

Well, solo traveling involves the same activities as traveling with a group.

For instance, you can check out Buckingham Palace when going to London.

You do nothing different than what you do when holidaying with friends.

Is it Dangerous to Travel Solo?

People will often wonder whether you aren’t scared of traveling alone.

There is no reason to. Solo trips are safe, provided you take some safety measures.

Be sure to research the vacation destination ahead of time.

Check the internet about the safety guidelines of your hotel and try to look for peaceful parts of that city.

Please do not visit places late at night and always communicate with a friend or relative. In case of anything, they will be alerted.

Won’t You Feel Lonely?

Traveling alone sounds lonely. But this depends on how you view it,.

If you register in your mind that it is lonely, it will be lonely.

Also, if you love doing things alone, you shouldn’t have trouble traveling solo.

But, if you’d rather be in a group, you may not enjoy solo traveling.

Won’t You Feel Weird?

Traveling on your own feels pretty weird for many people.

But, that is because most do not understand or haven’t done it before.

Everything we do feels weird until we have attempted it. But once we do it several times, it starts becoming normal.

Solo travel is not weird unless you cannot stand being alone.

If anything, it is a chance to learn about who you are without the interference of other people.

But, if you are someone who cannot stomach being alone, you may get depressed, anxious, and bored going on a solo vacation.


Going on a vacation alone isn’t weird. But most of us are scared because it’s not common.

But imagine how boring life would be if we didn’t attempt anything new if we did what everybody expected us to do.

The truth is we have different preferences, and if solo traveling sounds appealing to you, don’t be afraid of what other people will say.