Can You Go on Vacation While You’re Still In College? (THREE FACTORS!)

Vacations are crucial to our well-being. For this reason, every person is encouraged to go to one.

But although traveling as a college student is exciting, it has several challenges.

Is It OK To Go On Vacation While In College?

You can take a vacation while in college. It is recommended as it offers many benefits. Traveling as a college student allows you to experience different cultures, become more independent and reduce your stress levels. Plus, many programs are available to help students save money, making their traveling easy. Additionally, you can also opt to study abroad and experience different cultures.

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Why Should College Students Take a Vacation?

As a college student, there is a lot on your plate. But while you should prioritize schoolwork, you also need to create time for other things like going on a vacation.

Holidaying, whether around the city, state, or abroad, has many benefits. These include:

1. You Get to Relieve Stress

People think that college students don’t have any stress. But the truth is college life can be stressful.

The pressure of studying, fitting in, and making friends can pile up and affect your quality of life. That is why taking several days to unwind is encouraged.

You don’t even need to travel to distant destinations.

Even a short trip down to the mountain or park is enough to better your mental and physical health.

The breath of fresh air, the sounds of the birds chirping, and the scenic views of the mountains and beaches can be all you need to relax your mind and unwind from the stress of your daily life.

By the time you return, you will have new energy to focus on your studies and other aspects of life.

2. It is Fun and Easier

If you don’t have any other reason to go on vacation, you can travel simply because it is fun.

Well, you can decide to be a solo traveler and explore new places.

But to make your vacation more exciting, tag your friends to come along.

This way, you can share laughs and create unforgettable experiences. Plus, it also helps you connect with them while connecting with nature.

Additionally, traveling as a college student is more manageable than out of school.

While you may have a lot of schoolwork, your schedule isn’t that tight.

So, you can always manage some time for fun and relaxation from time to time.

However, getting time to go on vacation can be quite challenging once you finish school and get into the job market.

Three College Student Vacation Planning Considerations

1. Decide When You Want to Go

Many of us think that a trip has to be long for us to have fun.

But, this mentality will stop you from enjoying what nature offers.

If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, think of weekend getaway trips.

These allow you to see nearby and not so nearby places and things without breaking the bank or interfering with your schedule.

You can plan for a two or three-day trip, where you leave on Friday, come back on Sunday, and prepare for class on Monday.

Also, please remember that you don’t have control over your schedule.

When you schedule classes and job(s) properly, you can create time for a vacation.

College students have more flexibility in their schedule and thus can decide when to have a holiday.

We also recommend taking vacations during the weekends, school breaks, holidays, and other times you are free.

This way, you will enjoy yourself without missing classes.

During the weekend, you can go on a short trip and take longer trips during school breaks or holidays.

Take advantage of summer and winter breaks to go on vacation, as they won’t be available after graduating.

If your budget is tight, think of traveling during the off-season.

Most places reduce their prices during off-peak. So instead of heading to the beach during summertime, visit cooler places.

Besides saving, traveling off-season also helps you avoid crowds.

2. Think About Your Budget

One of the things that make it challenging to travel as a college student is the budget. You need some savings to go on a decent vacation.

However, unlike what many people think, a holiday mustn’t be expensive to be worthwhile.

Here are some tips to help you manage your finances better:

Put Together A Budget

Think about how much things will cost and the amount you can afford to spend at the moment. Then write everything down with an approximation. P

lease remember to stick to your budget, as going overboard may strain your finances.

Take Advantage Of Student Discounts

Many places charge reduced fees to students.

And even if you’re unsure whether a place offers student discounts, there is no harm in asking them.

Buy Tickets Early If You Can

Once you get your semester calendar, you can start thinking about the trips you will take.

Check the class calendar before choosing any dates, and buy the ticket as soon as possible.

Buying in advance is much cheaper since most businesses hike their prices once they get a lot of inquiries.

Think Of Ways You Can Save

There are many ways to save and have a great vacation.

For instance, you can

  • split costs with friends
  • take public transport when possible
  • and visit budget-friendly destinations.

Additionally, be on the lookout for sales and discounts.

Hotels and airlines have frequent sales that allow you to pay reduced prices.

Watch out for great deals during Cyber Monday and Black Friday to purchase plane tickets.

And constantly check a hotel’s website for any promotions.

3. Travel Smart


Check with your bank before leaving on your trip.

Make sure you know the fees charged on international credit or debit cards.

Additionally, withdraw some cash in the local currency once you arrive, especially if you will stay for a long time. You’ll use it in local restaurants and shops.

Your Phone

Also, remember that your regular phone plan may not work in that destination.

But since roaming and international data are expensive, call your phone company to check their options for international travelers.

Additionally, consider getting a local Sim Card if you plan on staying for a long time.

Travel Requirements

Again, know the travel requirements.

Some countries might need you to get vaccinated, and some will require you to test negative on Covid-19 some days before traveling.


Pack all your essentials like toiletries, medicines, money, etc.

You also need to pack clothes depending on how long you will stay.

But, please pack lightly to avoid being overwhelmed.

Final Thoughts

Going on vacation while in college can be fun. However, it can be difficult.

What’s important is that you check your class timetable to avoid missing classes.

Also, start planning early so that you don’t get stranded.