Is It OK to Go on Vacation WITHOUT Your Kids? (SIX REASONS!)

If you’re thinking of a kid-free vacation, you aren’t alone.

Many parents spend some moments thinking of holidaying without kids.

However, for most people, this remains a fantasy.

Read on to learn whether to vacation without kids and how to do it.

So, Is It OK to Go on Vacation WITHOUT Your Kids?

It is completely fine to go on vacation without kids. Sure, family trips are fun and one way to strengthen your family bonds. But as it turns out, leaving the kids behind occasionally offers various benefits. Kid-free vacations are good for both parents and children. So, once in a while, think of going on one.

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Six Reasons to Take a Child-Free Vacation

Although most parents want to vacation without kids, many do not fulfill this wish.

There are countless excuses as to why they don’t go for them, for instance, money, worrying about what could go wrong, feeling uncomfortable about being far away from your children, etc.

But, while these excuses are valid, here are reasons to take a vacation without your kids.

1. Allow Your Kids to Have Their Space

We always want to be close to our children. However, they can’t learn to be independent when we are always in their space.

Sure, it can be challenging to leave your kids on their own.

However, a bit of freedom is good for them.

This teaches them to be independent decision-makers and shows that you believe and trust that they can be OK when you are not with them for a while.

2. It’s Great for Personal Refreshment

It’s normal to feel guilty when you leave your kids for a few days to go on holiday. However, remember you matter as well as they do.

You won’t care for them properly if your mental and emotional health is unstable.

That is why taking a vacation is crucial, as it refreshes your mind and gives you a chance to unwind the daily stress.

Vacationing without kids is an excellent form of self-care that can make you a better parent. But you need to approach it as something healthy and not selfish to have a great time.

3. Allows You to Connect with Your Partner on a Deeper Level

When kids enter our lives, we give them all the attention.

Sometimes we might try to prioritize our relationship with our spouses.

But even then, we will still put our children first. Most couples try to solve this by going for a date night regularly.

But, while that is a nice gesture, going on a holiday for a few days will remind you how life was before you became parents.

Spending time away from the kids with your partner allows you to be in an environment that isn’t kid-dominated. Therefore, you can have more romance and intimacy and be happy overall.

Remember that neglecting your relationship when you’re too focused on your family is easy.

But, a vacation without children gives you and your partner the time and energy to build your relationship.

4. Gives You More Freedom

Adults and kids love and enjoy different things.

Your kids may love going to petting zoos and parks themed with cartoon characters.

However, they may not love a candlelight dinner or visiting a modern art museum as much as you do.

Most parents will sacrifice their amusement to do the things their kids love. However, this mostly doesn’t bring contentment.

Since adults and kids enjoy different things, it is best that you take a kids-free vacation once in a while.

That way, you can enjoy yourself without feeling like you have to sacrifice your entertainment and relaxation for your kids’ sake.

5. You and Your Kids Will Appreciate One Another More

Being far away from your kids for a few days will make you miss each other. Thus, you both will realize how significant each other’s presence is.

But, this feeling can’t happen when you are always together.

A vacation allows you to relax your mind and take a fresh breath.

During this time, you will not be overwhelmed with a non-stop schedule. Also, you will be stress-free.

As such, you can see your kids differently, and they’ll also view their parents differently.

6. You Will Be a Better Parent

It is easy to neglect yourself when you become a parent.

You need to take time and care for yourself to help you feel more present when you resume your duties back home.

This way, you set a good example for your kids to take care of themselves.

How to Travel Without Kids

Although we encourage traveling without kids, there are some things you need to do before leaving for your vacation.

1. Inform Them About Your Plans

Child-free gateways are easier if you have big kids. But you can still do them even if your children are small.

The key is to ensure that you tell them about your plans.

Please be open and tell them you want quality time with your spouse.

Kids must learn how to value and nurture relationships with their parents. So, openly telling them about your vacation is crucial.

Additionally, you should inform them about who’ll care for them while you’re gone.

If your kids don’t mind being under somebody else’s watch, you can tell them a few days before the trip.

But if they do, it’s better to wait until the big day to prevent unnecessary anxiety.

However, remember that all kids won’t be happy with their parents going away for some alone time. This is why it’s crucial to explain to them.

2. Choose the Right Caregiver

You need to get a trustworthy person to stay with your kids.

You can decide to call your parents or siblings and see whether they are up for the task.

If they aren’t available, you can call a friend who doesn’t mind watching your kids.

If all these options fail, you may want to consider hiring a caregiver.

Make sure you get someone you’re comfortable with to have peace of mind while on vacation.

3. Stay in Contact

While taking time away from the kids, don’t forget about them altogether.

You need to establish some communication guidelines while you are away.

For example, you can call to check in with everyone before bedtime, or your caregiver can send you messages when your children are back from school or have finished eating.

You just need to ensure that you with check with them from time to time.

We must also mention that there isn’t anything wrong with setting limits for when your kids shouldn’t call you for non-emergencies.

Sometimes kids can nag you with phone calls. So it is understandable to establish these limits.

Final Thoughts

Going on a kid-free vacation is highly encouraged. But, you may feel guilty and worried, especially if it is your first trip.

Sure, your kids will miss you and might even cry. But it’s not wrong to miss our loved ones, occasionally. In fact, this can strengthen bonds and remind us how important we are in each other’s life.