Is It OK to Go on Vacation WITHOUT Your Spouse? (4 REASONS!)

Vacations are important to everyone as we need time to break from our daily routine and refresh our minds.

But when we think about a holiday, we usually think of tagging our family and friends.

For this reason, it might seem weird to vacation without your partner.

But, Is It OK to Go on Vacation WITHOUT Your Spouse?

You might be worried about the consequences going on a vacation has on your relationship or marriage. However, many relationship experts say that it’s good to take separate vacations once in a while. As it turns out, it offers various benefits that are great for your relationship. So, it is OK to go on a holiday without your partner, now and then.

Why Go on Vacation Without Your Partner?

When you are dating or married, it always feels like you have to do everything with your partner.

Most times, this pressure doesn’t seem to stem from within but rather from society which pressures couples to do everything together.

So, for this reason, it may seem like a breakup moment when you don’t go on a vacation with your partner.

But some relationship experts say that this is a thought we must learn to move away from.

Traveling without your spouse is healthy for you and your relationship. Here are some benefits of holidaying without your significant other.

1. It Boosts Self Confidence and Allows You to Rely on Your Partner in a Healthy Way

Couples need to learn about their interests before and when in a relationship.

Traveling without your partner is one way to discover yourself.

It gives you time to focus on the new environment and culture beyond your comfort zone.

As such, you can quickly learn about who you are without relying on your spouse to be everything to you.

2. Gives You the Freedom to Have the Vacation the Way You Want

Sure, traveling with your partner is exciting.

But it can be challenging as both of you have different interests.

During a vacation, some people want to see the main joints and will be satisfied.

However, some really want to feel and connect to the place they have toured.

Now, if you and your partner have different traveling styles, you might not quite enjoy the vacation together.

That is why solo traveling is encouraged, as it allows you to get new experiences without disagreements.

There will be no one to dictate how you spend your trip, which can be pretty amazing.

Remember that couples have different ideas about what makes a perfect vacation.

Therefore, a separate holiday may be a good idea for everyone.

3. It Can Help Increase Trust

Couples always want to be near each other, especially when the relationship is new.

This is why trust is encouraged in couples.

Otherwise, you will spend your days wondering whether your partner is respecting you from where they are.

Solo traveling without your partner can help increase trust.

But, both partners must be willing to make sure that they make each other feel comfortable, especially if you are going to a place with limited internet or phone service.

If you can maintain this trust when you are away, you can do much more when you are reunited with your spouse.

But how can you preserve this trust when traveling without your partner?

Well, there are several methods to make your spouse more trustworthy of you.

  • For instance, ensure that you call each other at the end of the day and share your experiences while letting them share how their day was as well.
  • However, remember that it’s essential that both of you live independently during this time. That means you avoid texting all day long.
  • Also, please don’t make your spouse feel like your experiences are more important than theirs at home. Doing that creates jealousy, especially when your partner at home didn’t do anything exciting during the day.
  • Furthermore, don’t give room for your spouse at home to worry that you’re not respecting them when far away or you want to leave them.
  • It is also important that couples discuss expectations on how frequently they will communicate with their partner before one of them leaves for a trip. This frequency will be influenced by how frequently you usually communicate.

Learn about how often your partner expects you to communicate with them (don’t forget to account for the different time zones).

So you must know when to reach each other to avoid mistrust.

4. A Sense of Independence

Traveling can remind you that you are just as crucial as before entering the relationship.

Some prioritize independence more than anything else and will carry that trait even when entering a relationship.

Independence in a relationship can come in many forms; among them is solo traveling.

If your partner values the need for independence, they will have no problem letting you travel alone.

How to Travel without Your Partner

While we encourage traveling without your spouse, at the end of the day, you must remember that your relationship is your priority (if it is).

So, it means that you do things that will make it flourish.

When planning a trip without your partner, here are things to consider:

1. Decide Whether to Travel Alone or with Friends

If solo traveling interests you, you need to go for them.

Some people love their own company, which is fine, provided your partner understands.

Solo traveling helps you experience new things as you get out of your routine for a while.

It can improve your relationship’s quality since you will be comfortable letting each other have their own time.

But if you’d rather not be alone, you can consider traveling with friends.

This is a fun experience as you get to share memories with people with the same interests as you.

You can take a yearly vacation with your girlfriends and bond and use this time to relax and socialize.

Since it is a girls’ trip, it isn’t advisable to tag your partner along unless you share with friends.

2. Make Sure You Are on the Same Page

Be sure that the both of you are in agreeance before heading out on your trip.

If one of you isn’t comfortable with this idea, you need to discuss it and set parameters for handling it.

If your partner is worried about the trip, talk to them about it and understand their concerns.

Please do not leave for the planned vacation if your relationship is in a bad state.

3. Be Realistic with Your Plans

Make sure that the holiday is a good choice for your relationship.

Ensure that you involve your partner in the planning and be open to making changes if need be.


It is not wrong to go on holiday alone.

In fact, it is encouraged as it can make the relationship stronger. However, make sure you communicate with your partner and plan accordingly.

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