Does Watching Sports Count as A Hobby (On TV Or In Person)?

Now that your largest passion is watching basketball, football, hockey, or any other sport, you may think this is your hobby.

But is watching sports a hobby? For some individuals, watching sports might be considered a hobby, but the answer to the question might not be that obvious.

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So, Does Watching Sports Count as A Hobby?

For some, watching sports is a hobby, and for some, it is not; it goes down to how a person approaches sport. If you watch sports for pleasure or relaxation outside your occupation, it counts as a hobby. Anything you do for enjoyment is a hobby, and watching sports is no different. On the other hand, a sports announcer or writer might not consider watching sports as a hobby but rather as a requirement for his work.

What Events Are Considered a Hobby?

A hobby refers to an activity one enjoys doing and is passionate about. It is an activity you engage in during your leisure or free time.

Something is a hobby when you put in energy and time while it’s not your work.

There are lots of activities that individuals consider as hobbies.

Some of the common hobbies include:

When Should Watching Sports Be Considered a Hobby?

Spending your free time watching sports is a hobby.

It is a hobby when you are not only sitting down to watch the sport because it is not cool.

If you want to step into an entirely different world of sports competition, you can count it as a hobby.

If you count the time left until you watch and enjoy a sport and distinguish the little details in sports that other individuals don’t, you should consider it your hobby.

Also, if you are curious about a sport and make an effort and time to research it, watching the sport is your hobby.

Let’s look at reasons you should consider watching sports as a hobby.

1. You Schedule Your Sport Watching With Family And Friends

If you consider scheduling your sports watching with your family and friends, then there is a high chance that you will enjoy the activity.

Anything you enjoy can be categorized as a hobby, and watching sports also applies to it.

When you start ritualizing the process of sitting down to watch a sport, it shows how important to you it is and brings you some type of satisfaction.

Watching sports is an accessible hobby which makes it more incredible.

You can watch sports from the convenience of your smartphone and other devices meaning the fun does not have to stop even when traveling.

There are lots of ways of watching sports with family and friends, and it’s one of the reasons why watching sports is an incredible hobby.

2. You Always Speak About It At Work

One of the common pastimes is discussing sports at work.

The reality is that nobody really just watches sports; they talk and sing about it.

This is another reason why watching sports is more than just an activity; it’s something that is part of you and a hobby.

Even for the less enthusiastic sports lovers, discussing all the big events and games can rub off.

So, if you often find yourself talking about sports at work, this is an indicator that watching sport is a big passion for you and more than a hobby rather than a waste of time like others deem it.

Today, watching sports is more accessible worldwide.

Hence, there is an even more significant pool of audience to talk and discuss with regarding the epic moments in sports.

3. You Collect Sporting Memorabilia

Sporting enthusiasts do not stop at only watching football.

Most people who like watching sports also love collecting memorabilia of the sport.

These can include;

  • posters
  • tickets
  • hats
  • scarves
  • coins
  • newspaper prints
  • and anything else related to the sport.

Most individuals gather sporting memorabilia to display or showcase in their homes to symbolize pride linked to that sport.

This is an indicator that watching sports can be more than it looks on the surface.

4. Watching Sports Provides You With An Identity

When watching sports, it is highly likely to influence your behavior, such as spotting bad or good moves, learning chants, and talking about sporting subreddits or forums.

This all contributes to your identity as a person, and there is a chance that you have tried playing the sport yourself.

This all takes you closer to your passion and even shares it with others.

5. You Take Part In Fantasy Sports Leagues

You have most probably imagined being a manager of a particular sports team and how things would turn out if you implemented your ideas.

But obviously, we all know that it is easy to shout at the television about particular decisions, but if you could get into their shoes at that time, we would not do anything different.

Fantasy sports provide you with the power to exercise your dreams and make them more practical.

You can even compete against your mates to find out who can create the best fantasy teams.

There are lots of ways to get creative with fantasy sports which further shows watching sports is more than just an activity and more of a hobby.

When Should Watching Sports Not Be Considered a Hobby?

There are some reasons why watching sports should not be considered a hobby.

For instance, if you are passive and do not take part in it, it is not a hobby.

If you watch sports on television because you have nothing else to do, this is not a hobby; it is more like a pastime.

If you watch sports because you are a sports journalist and you are doing it because you have to, this is your work rather than a hobby.

If you don’t take your time to watch sports, then you should not consider it as a hobby.

Should You Add ‘Watching Sports’ as A Hobby to Your Resume?

You are probably wondering if watching sports is a hobby or not because you want to add it to your work application.

The hobbies section is essential but optional in your job resume. In most cases, including your hobbies in your curriculum vitae adds a bit of value.

However, when applying for work in the sports industry, watching sport can be an incredible hobby to add to your CV.

But you should not just state, ‘watching sports.

It’s recommendable to concentrate more on what sports you enjoy watching and how it fits with the position you are applying for.

Bottom Line

We hope that you now understand whether watching sports counts as a hobby on TV or in person.

Watching sports is a hobby for some individuals and an excellent pastime for others.

If you have an interest in a sport and if you have dedicated your time to watching sports because you want to learn or analyze about the players or game, you should consider it your hobby.

But if you watch sports just because you have nothing else to do, then it is your pastime.

Here is the updated table with the entries in title case and alphabetical order:

Additional Observation Hobbies
BenchmarkingWatching Anime
Binge watchingWatching Documentaries
MeditationPeople Watching
Satellite WatchingStargazing
Watching KdramaWatching Movies
Watching NetflixWatching Sports
Watching TVWatching YouTube
Whale WatchingPodcast Listening

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