Should You Wear Makeup To Disney World? (Six Do’s And Four Don’ts)

Not many people understand the rules of makeup when it comes to Disney World.

Disney itself is a worthy destination, but it is also hot and humid.

As such, it poses a challenge to people who like to wear makeup when visiting various places.

It is essential to know makeup rules when visiting Disney World and what you should pay attention to.

So, Should You Wear Makeup To Disney World?

People have different styles, but the general factor determining the kind of makeup you can wear is the humidity of the park.

Feeling comfortable is the main aim of this undertaking, and you should only wear makeup to keep you looking good. Wear makeup that will make you feel confident at the park, in addition to letting you have a great time with ease.

Remember, this is a vacation to be remembered. As such, you might be likely to appear in many photos, which means that you should look your best. Looking your best in humid weather is not as easy as it sounds.

This is why we have come up with some helpful do’s and don’ts for makeup whenever it comes to wearing makeup to Disney World.

These simple guidelines will ensure that you get your makeup right and do not have to worry about your makeup wearing off after a few hours in the humid weather.

The Six Do’s of Wearing Makeup to Disney World

1. Comfort

For starters, it is crucial that you only wear what will leave you feeling comfortable.

Whenever you visit the park while feeling comfortable, you will be able to have lots of fun.

Comfort is also essential for having fun, and your selection of makeup products should be the ones you always prefer on other days.

2. Light Foundation

Wear a lighter foundation in Disney so that your face looks great in the photographs.

Using your regular foundation will make your face look pale in the pictures, which is not ideal for a fun-packed event such as this.

3. Wear Primer

In the heat, too much makeup on your face will melt and start sliding off, which hurts your appearance. A good primer is also recommended for covering up blemishes and leaves you with smoother skin.

4. Get Waterproof Makeup

Ensure that the makeup products you are using are waterproof. Disney World is humid, and it can also rain at times.

For this reason, you should get waterproof mascara and primer to avoid sweating off your makeup.

The waterproof products are also ideal because they will be able to stay on for longer.

As such, they will give you a great look while protecting you from the humidity and occasional rain.

You will also be able to maintain your fantastic look for longer when you use waterproof makeup products.

5. Travel Light

Another essential fact to keep in mind when you go to Disney World is to travel light.

Do not carry along every other makeup items that you own. With a small-sized bag, you will only get to carry the products you will use, which also allows for more room to bring more clothes.

Packing light also ensures that you only take the necessary makeup products for your trip, which will make things a lot easier.

6. How Long Will It Take To Apply?

Ensure that you know how long it takes to put your makeup on.

Some products will take hours just putting on, which means that you will delay the others coming with you to the park.

Getting ready fast enough is essential, and when it comes to Disney World, makeup that is easy to put on will be ideal for the event.

The Four Don’ts of Makeup for Disney World

1. Don’t Try Out New Products

If you have never tried certain makeup products, do not make your trip to Disney World the first time you do.

Testing out new things in the middle of a theme park will not be suitable as you will likely not succeed on the first try.

For new things, you have plenty of time to try them out at home but stick to your usual makeup products for this trip.

2. Don’t Overdue It

Overdoing your makeup is another thing that you should avoid at all costs.

It is easy to tell when someone has put on too much makeup, making you look slightly uncomfortable.

If you are used to putting on a lot of makeup, ensure that you tone things down a bit when visiting Disney World. For instance, you should not put on too much eye shadow or make your eyeliner very wide.

Avoid putting on fake lashes when visiting the park, and ensure that you only put on minimal blush.

Ensure that your lip gloss is tight as this is ideal for hot days and ensures that you are comfortable.

3. Stay Away From Lifeproof products

The products you use should not be hard to come off when you are back from the visit.

Lifeproof products are best avoided as they will take longer to remove, taking out the fun from the trip.

4. Don’t Bring Along EVERYTHING

Avoid carrying all your makeup products and only pack what is needed for Disney World.

Do not carry the products that can break as the fun and enjoyment can sometimes carry you away to the point that you forget about your fragile makeup products.

Day Long Beauty at Disney World

The makeup products you wear to Disney World should keep your face looking on point all day.

Always go for products that have a lightweight feel and do not leave you looking greasy.

Oil-free products are also recommended to make you look less sweaty even when hot at the theme park.

Including a facecloth in your bag is also essential as you will be able to dab your face when it starts to get hotter.

Face cloths are better than napkins and tissues, which are known to leave behind tiny fibers on your face, ruining your appearance.

With the face cloth, you also get to keep your makeup looking and feeling fresh all day long, which is essential for a relaxing and fun-filled day. Also, remember to carry sunscreen to protect your skin.

The sunscreen will keep your skin protected and make it look and feel smooth even in hot weather.


Your Disney World vacations are events to be remembered and commemorated.

As such, your appearance matters even when you spend an entire day at the theme park.

If you are a fan of photographs, you will be sure to participate in many photoshoots.

It is therefore essential that you put on your best appearance at the park.

With the tips provided above, you will be able to put on your makeup in the best way that makes your appearance suited to the theme park.

You also get to know what to avoid in terms of makeup to ensure comfortable and look fantastic all day long.


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