Should You Wear A Watch While Golfing? (It Depends)

Most golf courses have a standard dress code; collared shirts, turtlenecks, slacks, and golf shoes.

But what about a watch?

Do watch enthusiasts have to vie with this standoff?

What if you are inclined to wear it anywhere, even while golfing?

Here’s whether you can wear a watch while golfing:

Hence, Can You Wear A Watch While Golfing?

The answer is yes. If you are a watch lover, you can wear a watch while golfing. There are lower odds that your watch will be spoiled from hitting golf balls, but there is a slight chance the wear can happen. Hence, you should approach your wrist game with caution, and if your watch begins to lose time, it might be because you are playing a lot of golf.

You should also consider finding a watch that can handle the pressure of the swing and one that is not too heavy. Some golfers also claim that it feels uncomfortable to play golf when wearing a watch, but this depends on personal preference.

Do Pro Golfers Wear Watches While Golfing?

Many pro golfers tend to wear watches while golfing.

Bubba Watson is famous for his Richard Mille watch, while Phil Mickelson likes a Cellini.

These watches have been specifically designed to wear while golfing.

They come with a super lightweight design and variable-inertia balance wheel, which withstands high accelerations. Unluckily, these watches have a six figures price hence are above the average man price range.

Now you probably think that if these professional golfers wear a watch and play incredibly, you should also do so.

You don’t know that these professionals train every day and have perfected their golf swing with the watch weight on their wrist.

If you play golf for some hours a week, you are more likely not to duplicate the same, and golfing without a watch will be more satisfying.

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Three Watch Wearing Considerations

1. Golfing Can Cause Damage To Your Watch

Most of the concern when it comes to wearing a watch while golfing is the damage it causes to the watch.

Many golfers have made a swing only to find their watch hands rolling down. This is not something you would want.

Most watches are not very robust and are made of subtle mechanical moving parts that might get damaged by the quick and sudden impact, such as golf swing.

However, there are specially designed watches that feature a significant impact resistance.

Most sport and diving automatic watches come with a higher impact resistance design that helps to reduce the potential damage to a minimum.

But you should keep in mind that although these diving watches are fine for golfing, it doesn’t mean they cannot get damaged or will operate perfectly afterward.

So, yes, you can wear your watch while golfing but note that it will impact its accuracy with time.

Another problem you should consider when you wear your watch while golfing is its effect on the watch’s exterior.

Most watches feature an elegantly polished stainless steel exterior which can easily be scratched when playing golf. So, how sure you are your watch won’t be scratched while you deal with steel golf clubs.

2. A Heavy Watch Might Affect Your Golf Swing Negatively

You might also relinquish golfing with your watch if it negatively affects your swing.

If you talk to most golfing amateurs, they will disclose that wearing a watch while golfing interrupts their golf swings.

Heavier watches can feel uncomfortable and throw you off balance, especially if you are not used to them.

More so, if you wear the watch loose, it might move around a lot, disrupting your focus and negatively impacting your swing.

An automatic watch has more components than a normal watch which means it’s heavier, and the impact will be more noticeable.

3. What Not To Wear

An average male golfer swings at a speed of about 90 mph.

When you hit the ball off the tee, it transmits the shock up the golf club’s shaft to your hand and the watch.

The high impact can cause the hairspring watch to jump and some parts to loosen, causing a severe malfunction that needs a watchmaker to repair.

So, although they might look fine, you should not wear a dress watch when playing golf.

The watch is more sensitive to the impact as compared to a sports watch.

More so, it is not a good idea to wear an 18k gold watch.

Gold is soft, and there is a high chance you could hit your watch and cause a dent on the course.

Also, avoid leather strap watches because wetness can damage them over the course of the game.

If you really want to wear a watch while golfing, you can consider some ideal types of watches. Some of the best-recommended watches for golfing include;

1. Sports Or Diving Automatic Watch

Sport dive watches such as the Rolex Submariner have been designed to endure intense underwater pressure.

They have been made with the high-performance standard than the normal automatic watch, such as impact and water resistance.

These watches should hence be able to withstand the shock exerted on them when you hit a golf ball.

The only issue with the automatic dive watch is it might be heavyweight because its case requires to be strong to endure the water pressure.

It may hence affect your swing. It is, therefore, recommendable to go for lightweight titanium models of sports dive watches.

2. Lightweight quartz watch

If you want to wear a watch on your wrist during a golf round, you should consider getting quartz. Quartz watches are durable, affordable, and lightweight, making them a suitable option for golf.

The quartz watch game provides more luxury brands.

TAG Heuer launched a professional golf watch in 2005 with a scratch-resistant titanium case, quartz movement, and lightweight rubber strap.

A quartz watch is lighter and made from plastic which is perfect for golfing.

Also, being more affordable than an automatic watch, you won’t regret a lot if you accidentally damaged the watch.

3. Smartwatch with fitness tracker and GPS

Smartwatches have also become very popular recently.

Because golfing involves a lot of walking, it is recommended to get a smartwatch with GPS or fitness tracker for you to track the distance you have walked while golfing.

The most popular ones are the Huawei GT watch, Apple Watch, and Samsung S gear.

A smartwatch is a perfect companion to wear while golfing as it is possible to sync it with your phone so you can stay updated all the time, even without your phone.

Just ensure to choose the sporty model so you can enjoy the sports functionality and extra useful features such as water-resistant and longer battery life.


If you are a watch enthusiast, there is no significant reason why you shouldn’t wear one while golfing.

The probability of damaging your watch by hitting golf balls is relatively low.

However, you should be careful about the type of watch you wear when golfing.

Consider lightweight watches that will not affect your swing and high-quality ones that can withstand the pressure exerted when you hit the golf ball.


Do Golfers Wear Watches While Playing Golf?