Are Weekend Getaway Trips Worth It? (EIGHT BENEFITS)

Weekend getaway trips aren’t a new concept. But they have recently been on the rise.

While they are encouraged for everyone, they’re specifically suitable for people on busy work schedules.

Whether working full time or not, a weekend getaway is a nice excuse to unwind the daily stress.

So, Are Weekend Getaway Trips Worth It?

Yes. Taking a weekend vacation is worth it. Experts say that it can make you more productive, reduce stress and make you generally happy before, during, and after the vacation. However, to benefit the most from such trips, you need to plan for them properly.

Let us look at the benefits and misconceptions about weekend getaway trips.

Eight Benefits of a Weekend Trip

Taking a two or 3-day vacation may not sound like a good idea.

However, you will be surprised by the benefits you get and even plan more short, frequent trips.

1. It Is Affordable

Traveling these days is expensive. Prices of things are hiking up, putting more strain on tourists.

However, a weekend trip doesn’t need as much money as a long trip.

Shorter stays allow you to save money on food and lodging.

The more you stay in a place, the more money you spend. But since you are only staying for two or three days, you can even decide to pack snacks from home and save on the cash.

Additionally, you will save on transportation. You probably will not choose a far destination for a weekend getaway.

Choosing a close destination means you won’t spend much money to get to your destination.

2. It Is Good for Your Mental Health

A weekend gateway is good for your mental health.

Being away from your usual home and office environment makes you relax and unwind from the stress of your daily life.

Plus, it’s also a chance to boost your creativity levels. This trip can also make you worry less and enjoy the moment.

Remember that such trips take you out of the city to places with clean and fresh air.

As you enjoy the trees and the mountains, you also breathe fresh air. And this is said to impact your mental and emotional health positively.

Studies say that people living in the city are more stressed and unwell than people living in rural areas.

3. You Can Easily Disconnect from Society

Vacations are a time to de-stress and disconnect from society for a short time.

However, with the popular of smartphones, this is becoming hard.

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People who go on long vacations will probably not unplug fully as a significant percentage of our lives revolve around work, family, friends, and social media.

But disconnecting from society for a few days is much more manageable.

We should also mention that as you won’t be away for a long time, catching up won’t be difficult when you return.

When you go for too long, you might start worrying about a pile of work when nearing the end of your vacation.

But when the trip is brief, things won’t pile up to overwhelm you when you come back.

4. You Are More Energetic When You Get Home

You will feel more energetic when you return from a getaway weekend, even if you only went for a day or two. And you might even be happy to do your jobs.

Remember that working is much easier after a weekend of fun and relaxation.

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5. Improves Your Physical Health

Studies say that taking even a short vacation can reduce your stress level and your risk of heart disease.

There are several physical health benefits associated with taking vacations.

Remember that stress can lead to many diseases. While doctors may prescribe some medicines to lower stress levels, it isn’t easy.

Plus, most of these tablets have tons of side effects. But a simple thing like going on a weekend vacation can reduce your stress level and contribute to your overall well-being.

6. It Makes You More Productive

A weekend trip is a chance to escape your regular life for several days.

It is an opportunity to rest and recharge properly, which helps you improve your focus and make you more productive when you return to your daily life.

Additionally, you will likely go for long walks during your trip. It might not be strenuous, but it will keep your body moving and improve your blood circulation.

This promotes the release of endorphins, which make you happy, resulting in more productiveness.

7. Strengthen Your Relationships

Weekend gateways are a great chance to bond with your loved ones and strengthen your relationship.

Taking a short vacation with your partner can be fun, and you can escape the reality of life.

Plus, many hotels offer two packages, making your trip more cost-effective.

Additionally, you experience new things that you don’t usually experience. Touring your town or another state can be fun, even if you are traveling solo.

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What Are Some Common Misconceptions About a Weekend Getaway Trip?

A weekend getaway trip has many benefits.

You can depart on Friday and return on Sunday and be ready in the office on Monday.

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Well, this seems simple, but it can have several challenges. Here are some misperceptions and solutions.

1. You Can’t Enjoy a Place for Two Days

The truth is you can with the right planning. You need to list the things you must do and write what activity suits each day.

Then, if you have other plans, you can list them after these.

Weekend getaway trips are great even if you are unfamiliar with the destination.

You will get enough time to tour several spots and decide whether it is worth going back again.

Even better, if it is a place you visit frequently, you can navigate the city and get a clear picture of what you love about it.

2. It’ll Be Expensive to Fly in and Out Over a Short Period

Again, planning matters when you’re thinking of a weekend getaway.

Most airlines will hike their prices during the weekend due to high demand. For this reason, planning your trip several months in advance is advisable.

This way, you will surely get better transport and accommodation deals. You can also search online for the best deals near you.

3. Places Are Crowded During the Weekend

While this may be true, it isn’t reason enough to skip your weekend trip.

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You can opt to visit high-traffic places in the morning before many people arrive. Search for places that open early and are ready to accommodate you.

Also, ensure you are among the first to arrive to avoid wasting time in crowds.

It helps to be positive during the trip if you can’t avoid the crowd. Many places that are crowded are incredible. So go with the flow.

Final Thoughts

A weekend getaway trip is a chance to unwind and take off the stress from your shoulders.

You can visit many places for the weekend without denting your pocket.

Plus, you can always find hotel rooms, rental property, and transport deals.