Do White Golf Bags Get Dirty? (Two Reasons Why)

When you take a good amount of golf rounds, you are assured to end up with a dirty bag.

Over time mud, grass, sand, and other debris of nature can turn the bag into an unsightly self.

So, Do White Golf Bags Get Dirty?

Yes, certainly. In fact, white golf bags get dirty faster than their dark-colored counterparts and can be an ordeal to clean in some situations.

However, you should probably thank the manufacturers for choosing their materials carefully. Rather than use regular fabrics you’d find on the common bag, most manufacturers use nylon, leather, and/or canvas with metal or plastic reinforcements and framing.

These materials can accumulate a lot of dirt in a short time if they are white but are relatively easier to wash and restore to their original state than fabrics. Golf bags have a bunch of little pockets around them designed to carry various supplies and equipment, including golf balls and gloves. These pockets may accumulate dirt just as fast if you put dirty equipment in there.

But Why Do White Golf Bags Seem To Be More Susceptible To Dirt Than Other Colors?

Let’s get deeper:

1. The Influence of Temperature and Soil

White golf bags get dirty faster in cold and wet conditions but not quite as fast in hot and dry conditions unless you expose them to insane amounts of dust which isn’t common in golf courses.

What makes black or dark-colored bags seem to accumulate less dirt in all conditions is the tendency of these colors to hide dirt.

2. Golf Course Soil

Another thing – the kind of soil on the golf course can determine the rate of dirt accumulation on the bag.

Even though white golf bags get dirty faster in wet and cold conditions than in hot weather, they may produce opposite results in certain soils.

Golf courses built on red clay soils aren’t good for your white bag.

Volcanic soils are just as bad.

The best soils for a white bag are sandy soils or non-sticky less water-logged ones, but don’t drag your bag on it the entire day.

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So, How Do You Stop Your White Golf Bag From Getting Dirty?

First off, don’t use it in wet seasons. But there is a bunch of less-known tricks too, including:

1. Keeping It Off the Grass

Green succulent grass – the kind you will find on almost every well-maintained golf course – don’t get along very well with white bags.

If you want to keep your bag looking white and presentable, keep it off the grass!

Many golfers like to lay their bags on the grass (or allow their bag carriers to do this); well, that would be perfectly OK with dark-colored bags.

However, the best way to use a golf bag, especially the white one, is to keep it standing upright (some of them are actually supplied complete with little stands).

This way, you will have an easier time removing accessories from side pockets. It also goes a long way to ensure that only the ‘butt’ gets into contact with the ground.

If you ever train yourself to use your bag this way, you will be able to cut your cleaning duties by 90 percent.

2. Buy Some Water Repellent Spray

Most of the modern golf bags you will find in the store are water-resistant to some degree, so choosing an all-white or multicolored is no longer anything to worry about as it used to be.

Still, some brands aren’t keen to supply well-waterproofed bags, especially those that fall in the “budget” category.

So, if your bag is not waterproof, get yourself a water repellant spray and apply it before setting for the golf course.

Start with my favorite: Scotchgard, but I’ve heard praises for Nikwax – I guess it’s equally effective.

You just need a tub of one of those. A single smear is enough to keep you going for a week, fully waterproof and dirt-free!

Note that these repellents are designed to repel water, not dust.

But since moisture is integral to the accumulation of dirt on any surface, it is a great idea to keep water at bay first and worry about dirt later.

Nonetheless, repellants offer the handiest method to keep dirt off your bag.

Even better, a typical repellent lasts for at least 24 hours. They also help ease your next cleaning exercise, so you can alternate them with real cleaning.

3. Clean Your Wedges More Often

You will be shocked by how easy it is to keep a white bag clean if you wipe or wash the equipment before inserting them into the storage compartment.

Cleaning your golf balls and clubs before putting them in the bag may look bothersome but it’s one of the most effective ways to keep it sparkling.

Wedges are known to build dust, grass, and soil in their grooves.

Placing your wedge in the bag then proceeding to the next round will add plenty of dirt in your bag enough to demand a full cleaning. Consider wiping the wedge with a moist cloth between shots.

How Do You Clean the Interior Part of a Golf Bag?

Yes – we know you can use a repellent to keep dirt away from your white golf bag, but how do you keep the interior clean?

Perhaps the simplest and straightforward method is to turn the bag inside out, wash and scrub the bag thoroughly with warm clean water and detergent, and hang it out to dry. Leaving the bag hung under a fan can help blow away the finer debris that may have dodged the brush.

Another solution is vacuuming.

Leather that has been stitched together instead of molding accommodates dirt in the stitches.

The best way to get rid of dirt stuck in such areas is vacuuming, where dirt particles are sucked out with air.

You might also want to try out dry wiping especially if you are in a rush or just don’t have a lot of time for a thorough cleaning session.

Dry wiping (or dry cleaning) works well for plastic or leather items although it’s likely to leave stains if you turn it into a habit.

So put your bag on a table, take a clean moist paper towel or cotton rag (pretty anything soft), and descend on it for a sparkle. Thereafter, wipe off the ‘but’ and handle and hang it up to try.


Do white golf bags get dirty? Yes, certainly. In fact, white golf bags get dirty faster than their dark-colored counterparts and can be an ordeal to clean in some situations.

Use a repellent to keep water at bay – moisture is one of the top factors that expose your bag to dirt.


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